Object detection on Edge devices with Live Video Analytics using YOLO model

AI Edge Engineer
Azure IoT Hub

Use a Live Video Analytics module to deploy a machine learning solution to an IoT Edge device. The solution will process a video feed from cameras and detect objects at the edge using a YOLO model to perform inferencing operations. Check that the solution is successfully deployed and test your solution from a web application.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Use Live Video Analytics on IoT Edge module to build a video analytics solution
  • Deploy a set of modules to an IoT Edge virtual machine using the installer
  • Set up an application that uses a virtual device for rapid inference at the edge
  • Bring an AI model of your choice into the video analytics solution
  • Test a solution that will detect a person at the edge from a web application

"Produced in partnership with the University of Oxford – Ajit Jaokar, Artificial Intelligence: Cloud and Edge Implementations course."


  • An Azure subscription
  • Ability to use Azure Cloud Shell
  • Basic knowledge of Azure IoT Edge
  • Basic knowledge of Custom Vision
  • Basic knowledge of Live Video Analytics
  • Basic knowledge of containers
  • Ability to use Docker