Perform user acceptance testing in finance and operations apps

Functional Consultant
Solution Architect
Dynamics 365
Supply Chain Management

After all customer requirements have been handled by either configuration, customization, and integration, you need to know how to perform user acceptance testing (UAT) in finance and operations apps to validate the solution. User acceptance testing is an important step in the go-live preparation. You can perform automated tests by using the Regression suite automation tool (RSAT).

Learning objectives

In this module, you will learn about:

  • Test cases and business requirements
  • Best practices for recording test cases
  • Task recorder
  • How to create a BPM library
  • How to synchronize and configure your test plan in Azure DevOps
  • How to run test cases manually and automatically
  • The Regression suite automation tool (RSAT)


  • Ability to use finance and operations apps for basic processing
  • Ability to use Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services
  • General understanding of testing processes