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Debra is the team owner of the AnnualEvent team. The annual event just finished. Debra wants to archive the AnnualEvent team now and make sure the files in the AnnualEvent team are read-only for team members. What should Debra do with minimal effort?


Lidia is the Teams Administrator in Contoso Ltd. Lidia is evaluating the required licenses for Teams Room deployment. Lidia wants to include Teams Rooms Managed Services. Which of the following license should Lidia choose?


Contoso Associates, a law firm with few hundred attorneys, recently rolled out Microsoft Teams for collaboration amongst the attorneys. Tom is a Teams Administrator at Contoso Associates. He wants to use bulk deployment of Teams client to prevent users from downloading and manually installing the Teams client. Which of the following Teams client can be deployed at bulk by Tom?


Following the principle of least privilege, which role should be assigned to an administrator in Teams that needs to assign telephone numbers?