Understand the benefits of Conditional Access


Every IT team is obsessed with network security. It's mandatory to make sure that every device meets your security and business requirements before accessing your network. With Conditional Access, you can determine the following factors:

  • If every device is encrypted
  • If malware is installed
  • If its settings are updated
  • If it's jailbroken or rooted

Conditional Access combines granular control over organizational data with a user experience that maximizes worker productivity on any device from any location.

With co-management, Intune can incorporate Configuration Manager's responsibilities for assessing your security standards compliance of required updates or apps. This behavior is important for any IT organization that wants to continue using Configuration Manager for complex app and patch management.

Conditional Access is also a critical part of developing your Zero Trust Network architecture. With Conditional Access, compliant device access controls cover the foundational layers of Zero Trust Network. This functionality is a large part of how you secure your organization in the future.