Configure the general posting setup


The General Posting Setup page is a matrix that combines business and product posting groups. Each combination determines the accounts that are used to post:

  • Sales and purchases

  • Sales and purchase credit memos

  • Sales and purchase prepayments

  • Sales and purchase invoice discounts and payment discounts

  • Cost of goods sold and inventory adjustments

  • Direct cost applied and overhead applied

  • Purchase variances

For each combination of business and product posting groups, users can assign a different set of G/L accounts. Therefore, users can post the sale of the same item to different sales accounts in the general ledger because customers are assigned different general business posting groups.

Screenshot of the General Posting Setup page.

You can populate the General Posting Setup matrix in the following ways:

  • On the General Posting Setup page, either manually or by using a copy feature

  • From the individual general posting group pages

If you use inventory, in addition to entering every possible combination of general business and general product posting groups, enter a line for each general product posting group that has a blank general business posting group.

This combination is necessary, for example, for posting activity from item journals when no customer or vendor is assigned to the transaction. Watch the following video to see a demonstration of creating posting groups in Business Central.