Exercise - Set up and assign a customer posting group


This exercise is written to use the Cronus sample company from the US version of Business Central. You might need to make adjustments to the steps if you use the sample company from your country or region.


CRONUS currently has one customer posting group: DOMESTIC. You have decided to add an intercompany vendor posting group to accommodate the intercompany sales between business partners.

Because CRONUS only has domestic, intercompany business partners, you can use the same G/L accounts as you would for the domestic customer posting group, except for the receivables account for which you want to create a new G/L account: 10410: Intercompany customers.


Set up the new customer posting group and assign it to customer Relecloud.


  1. Select the Search for Page icon, enter customer posting groups, and then select the related link to open the Customer Posting Groups page.

  2. Select New.

  3. In the Code field, enter IC.

  4. In the Description field, enter Intercompany customers.

  5. In the Receivables Account field, select Look up Value.

  6. Select New.

  7. In the No. field, enter 10410.

  8. In the Name field, enter Receivables, Intercompany.

  9. In the Income/Balance field, select Balance Sheet.

  10. In the Account Category field, select Assets.

  11. In the Account Subcategory field, enter Accounts Receivable.

  12. Clear the Direct Posting field.

  13. Press the escape (Esc) button.

  14. Select account 10410 as the receivables account for the new IC customer posting group.

  15. Copy the other G/L accounts from the DOMESTIC customer posting group.

  16. Press the escape (Esc) button.