Exercise - Design a report in Power BI desktop


Access your environment

Before you start this lab (unless you are continuing from a previous lab), select Launch lab above.

You are automatically logged in to your lab environment as data-ai\student.

You can now begin your work on this lab.


To dock the lab environment so that it fills the window, select the PC icon at the top and then select Fit Window to Machine.

Screenshot of the lab with the PC icon selected and the Fit Window to Machine option highlighted.

The estimated time to complete the exercise is 45 minutes.


A virtual machine containing the client tools you need is provided, along with the exercise instructions. Use the button above to launch the virtual machine.

A limited number of concurrent sessions are available - if the hosted environment is unavailable, try again later.

This exercise uses the Power BI service. You'll need to use your organizational account to login. If you don't have one or can't use yours, please create a free M365 Developer account to complete the exercise.

Alternatively, you can use these setup instructions to create your own lab environment, then follow these exercise instructions.