Introduction to Power BI embedded analytics

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Developers can programmatically embed analytics in their apps to present data as in-context visualizations. This way, users can make decisions based on facts instead of opinions.

It's possible to embed any type of Microsoft Power BI content in apps: Power BI reports, Power BI report visuals, paginated reports, dashboards, specific dashboard tiles, and even the Q&A natural language experience.

Moreover, real-time Power BI content will show up-to-date results in an embedding app. Developers can integrate content with the app in many different ways to provide a seamless experience, even branding Power BI as their own.

Usually, embedding requires a programmatic solution, especially when tight integration exists between the app and the Power BI content. For completeness, this module also describes no-code embedding approaches that could be suited to simpler requirements.


Power BI is in a constant state of evolution, so be sure that you keep abreast of new features that are announced in the Microsoft Power BI Blog. You might discover new features and capabilities that you can apply to improve your existing reports.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Plan for Power BI embedded analytics.
  • Determine the Power BI content types that you can embed.
  • Adopt a development methodology to embed Power BI content.
  • Prepare Power BI content for embedding.
  • Use no-code embedding techniques.


Experience developing web apps and creating Power BI workspaces and content