This module examines all the planning aspects that must be considered when implementing directory synchronization with Microsoft 365. You'll examine both the Microsoft Entra cloud requirements and the on-premises Active Directory requirements.

To prepare for synchronization, you'll learn the importance of preparing your environment by analyzing the following features:

  • Active Directory preparation
  • UPN suffixes
  • Microsoft 365 IdFix tool

With both your on-premises and cloud environments ready for synchronization, you'll then be ready to choose which directory synchronization tool best fits your organization's requirements. This module explores the features of each synchronization tool - Microsoft Entra Connect and Microsoft Entra Connect cloud sync.

You'll learn that while it's easy to implement Microsoft Entra Connect, organizations that have a complex Active Directory implementation or special requirements must thoroughly plan the Microsoft Entra Connect tool implementation. It has a larger footprint than Microsoft Entra Connect cloud sync, but it's also the only tool that can be used in a hybrid Exchange environment. You'll then examine Microsoft's latest directory synchronization tool, Microsoft Entra Connect cloud sync. This tool has a smaller footprint, since it uses lightweight agents to run the synchronization process. However, it doesn't currently support Exchange hybrid deployments.

By the end of this module, you'll be able to:

  • Identify the tasks necessary to configure your Microsoft Entra environment.
  • Plan directory synchronization to synchronize your on-premises Active Directory objects to Microsoft Entra ID.
  • Identify the features of Microsoft Entra Connect Sync and Microsoft Entra Connect cloud sync.
  • Choose which directory synchronization best fits your environment and business needs.