Process prepayment sales and purchase orders


After you have completed prepayment setup, you can generate prepayment invoices from sales and purchase orders. You can use the default percentages for each sales or purchase line, or you can change the amounts on the invoice as needed. For example, you can specify a total amount for the entire order.

The following procedure describes how to invoice a prepayment for a sales order. The steps are similar for purchase orders.

  1. Select the Search for Page icon in the top-right corner of the page, enter sales orders, and then select the related link.

  2. Create a new sales order.

    On the Prepayment FastTab, the Prepayment % field will be filled in automatically if a default prepayment percentage is on the customer card. You can change the contents of the field. The prepayment percentage is only copied from the header to lines that don't copy the default prepayment percentage from the item.

    If the Compress Prepayment field is selected, lines will be combined on the invoice if they have:

    • The same general ledger account for prepayments as determined by the general posting setup.

    • The same dimensions.

    Leave the field blank if you want to specify a prepayment invoice with one line for each sales order line that has a prepayment percentage.

  3. Fill in the sales lines.

    If default prepayment percentages have been set up for your items, they are automatically copied to the Prepayment % field on the line. Otherwise, the prepayment percentage is copied from the header. You can change the contents of the Prepayment % field on the line.

  4. If you want to apply one prepayment percentage to the entire order, change the Prepayment % field on the header after filling in the lines.

  5. To view the total prepayment amount, select the Order action and then select Statistics.

    If you want to adjust the total prepayment amount for the order, you can change the contents of the Prepayment Amount field on the Sales Order Statistics page.

    If the Prices Including VAT field is selected, the Prepayment Amount Incl. VAT field is editable.

    If you change the contents of the Prepayment Amount field, the amount will be distributed proportionately between all lines, except those lines that have 0 in the Prepayment % field.

  6. To post the prepayment invoice, select the Prepayment action and then select the Post Prepayment Invoice action. To post and print the prepayment invoice, select the Post and Print Prepmt. Invoice action.

    When you are ready to post the rest of the invoice, post it as you would post any invoice, and the prepayment amount will be deducted automatically from the amount due.

Watch the following video which demonstrates how to post an invoice for a sales order.

Watch this video which shows a sales order with multiple sales lines with different prepayment percentages.