Collaborate with your community


Use Wakelet to unlock collaboration within your learning community. Whether it’s within a space, or within a collection—there are tons of ways you work as a team with Wakelet.

Work as a team in a space

Invite students and colleagues to collaborate with you in a space. Once you create your space, select Members on the side-panel on the left side of your home screen. From here, you access an invite code and QR code to share with your chosen invitees. They use the code to access your space, by selecting Got a code? Join a space, which appears once they select the + button mentioned in step one.

Select Invite by username or email to invite as many members as you like to your space from within Wakelet. Remember, you can assign members as contributors (default), or as administrators.

Collaborators can curate collections from within your space. Invite students to:

  • Submit work
  • Do group work—like researching climate change as a team and recording their findings in a collection
  • Showcase their portfolio—they include their certificates and achievements within a collection
  • Much more, all within a Wakelet space

This transforms how students interact with the materials you share with them, all within a virtual learning environment. They engage with your materials, and curate their own materials and take ownership of their learning.

Collaboration on Wakelet inside a space: Group Research, Class Portfolios, Virtual Classrooms, Virtual Libraries, and Assignment Submissions.

Collaborate with your community in a collection

Create a new collection and select the Invite button. From here, you invite contributors to your collection with its collaborative link, code, or QR code. Alternatively, by selecting Username or email you select people you follow on Wakelet or invite contributors by email. In short, it is super easy to invite colleagues, friends, and students to work with you on your collection, as a team.

Collaboration on Wakelet inside a collection: Work Submission, Student Feedback, Exit Tickets, Crowdsourcing Resources and Group Presentations.