Wakelet resources


Whether you are just starting to ride the #WakeletWave or already on your way to becoming an Ambassador, these resources are worth checking out.

Our weekly beginner's guide webinar is a great place to learn how to get started on Wakelet! Join the Wakelet team LIVE as we demo the platform, and share educator use-cases to set you on your journey on the #WakeletWave!

The Wakelet learn page is dedicated to educators. Visit to find out how students, teachers, and schools are using Wakelet to tell stories and organize information.

Check out the Wakelet learn page and discover ideas, tips, and guidance for how educators can best get started on the platform.

New to Wakelet? Do not miss the perfect webinar for getting started. In this session, you will learn the basics of Wakelet: how to set up your profile, create and share collections, and discover powerful ways educators are using Wakelet. Sign up.

Wakelet templates: Lesson Plans, Newsletters, Collaboration, Icebreakers, Entry and Exit tickets, Mindfulness, Portfolios and Resumes, Distance Learning and more.

What better way to get started on Wakelet than with some educator-inspired templates! From newsletters to lesson plans and from entry tickets to portfolios, there is something for everyone in our Templates Profile.