Exercise - Implement a generic type


In this exercise, you'll transform a Container struct that only accepts positive integers of the u32 type into a generic container that can hold values of any given type.

Don't edit any content inside the main function. This exercise is complete when the code compiles.

struct Container {
    value: u32,

impl Container {
    pub fn new(value: u32) -> Self {
        Container { value }

fn main() {
    assert_eq!(Container::new(42).value, 42);
    assert_eq!(Container::new(3.14).value, 3.14);
    assert_eq!(Container::new("Foo").value, "Foo");
    assert_eq!(Container::new(String::from("Bar")).value, String::from("Bar"));
    assert_eq!(Container::new(true).value, true);
    assert_eq!(Container::new(-12).value, -12);
    assert_eq!(Container::new(Some("text")).value, Some("text"));

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