Azure Storage accounts provide a wealth of security options that protect your cloud-based data. Azure services such as Blob storage, Files share, Table storage, and Data Lake Store all build on Azure Storage. Because of this foundation, the services benefit from the fine-grained security controls in Azure Storage.

Imagine the network administrator at Contoso is auditing the security of the assets within the domain. At the end of the audit, she needs to be satisfied that all the data stored in Azure strictly follows Contoso's security policy. As Contoso's primary data consultant, you'll help the network administrator understand how Azure Storage can help her meet Contoso's security requirements.

Learning objectives

In this module, you'll:

  • Investigate the ways Azure Storage protects your data.
  • Explore the authentication options to access data.
  • Learn about Advanced Threat Protection.
  • Learn how to control network access to data.
  • Explore the Azure Data Lake enterprise-class security features.