Azure provides a range of tools and services to help secure stored data.

You've been hired as a lead cloud architect for a manufacturing organization. The organization is moving several systems to Azure. These systems store data such as customer details, financial information, and intellectual property. You need to correctly identify and classify this data, so that you can meet business and regulatory requirements. You then need to select the proper encryption method and/or service to help protect the data.

In this module, you learn how to classify your data, and then identify the security requirements that are relevant to each type of data. Finally, we look at the Azure tools and encryption options that you can use to help protect your stored "at rest" data.

Learning objectives

  • Identify the types of data that your organization is using and the security requirements for that data.
  • Identify the encryption capabilities for services on Azure.


  • Basic understanding of SSL/TLS encryption.
  • Basic knowledge of Azure PaaS services.