Securing you: Basics and beyond

Solution Architect
Security Engineer
Business User

Security-related advice can be hard to understand and follow. Many people have asked for a simple description of how to secure their computers and online accounts without needing in-depth training or hours of study. This module will give you simple advice you can follow, tools you can use, and pitfalls to avoid, to ensure that you can remain secure online.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Learn about various threats and how they can affect you.
  • Quickly identify common phishing techniques and safely avoid phishing email.
  • Secure your online accounts more effectively by using passphrases and a password manager.
  • Secure your online accounts even better by using a simple technique called multifactor authentication.


  • Basic experience with using a web browser
  • Basic experience with using email
  • Basic experience with using any kind of online account, such as banking or online shopping services