Expense management workspace


Expense report entry is designed to simplify the process of completing expense reports. The Expense management workspace is the primary location for users to file expenses with their organization. The Expense management workspace is a comprehensive, one-stop place for submitting expense reports. This workspace, and many other features, can be enabled through the Feature management module in Dynamics 365 Project Operations.

 Graphic showing the Expense managemnt workflow.

With Project Operations, you can access many features that allow your organization to design an expense entry system that is quick, simple, and follows compliance rules to protect everyone involved.

Features that make the system user-friendly include:

  • The ability to access your delegates' expenses through the Expense management workspace
  • A simplified pane for editing and entering expenses
  • An advanced warning, error, and policy management system that helps to ensure that the person who is entering expenses understands the issues that arise and the quickest way to resolve them and allow for a successful expense entry

Enable reimagined expense reports

In any new release of Project Operations, features are introduced and modified. The workspace where you can access a collection of enhancements that have been delivered with each version is the Feature management workspace. New features are switched off by design. You can use the Feature management workspace to enable the new and updated features and view their documentation.

One helpful feature is Expense reports re-imagined. The following video demonstration explores the Feature management workspace and enables the Expense reports re-imagined feature.

This task is generally performed by a system administrator.