Expense management parameters


The Expense management parameters page is the main settings page for expense management capabilities. The expense management parameters are important, and many other features or services often refer to these parameters. When your organization is in its initial expense management planning phase, make sure that you pay close attention to these settings and plan the settings that your organization will adopt.

The Expense management parameters page has five tabs that control a variety of topics:

  • General
  • Financial
  • Per diem
  • Fax cover pages
  • Anti-corruption


The General tab contains various options and settings that your organization can enable or disable. Fields are available for you to enter rates to charge against, such as the Standard rate of mileage.

 Screenshot of the General tab in the Expense management parameters page.


The Financial tab allows you to set base financial options about how expenses affect the organization's ledger, the tax that is collected during employee purchases, and what the ledger journal name will be.

 Screenshot of the Financial tab in the Expense management parameters page.

Per diem

The Per diem tab includes a series of input fields that require you to enter numerical data regarding rates and percentages. If you are coming from another expense management system, you might carry over the same values so that you can continue using them. Many users find that the Per diem parameters are robust and give flexibility and control to the organization that is setting up the operating system.

 Screenshot of the Per diem tab in the Expense management parameters page.

Fax cover pages

For organizations that fax expense-related information, the Expense management parameters page allows for the generation of fax cover pages. These pages include bar codes that are encoded with the employee's unique identifier such as an employee number or alias. The Fax cover pages tab also includes a text box where you can enter instructions that auto-populate to help guide the employee who is submitting the fax expense document.

 Screenshot of the Fax cover pages tab in the Expense management parameters page.


The Anti-corruption tab is straightforward, yet critical, in reminding all employees about maintaining an ethical and legal business when submitting their expense reports. In this tab, you can write your organization's anti-corruption attestation. You can choose to have one message for the submitter and a separate message for the approver.

Embedded within the page is the innovative translation feature, which ensures that all employees, regardless of their native language, can read and understand the organization's anti-corruption attestation before they can submit an expense.

 Screenshot of the Anti-corruption tab in the Expense management parameters page.

Watch the following video for a demonstration of the Expense management parameters page.