Expense management workflows


To set up a review process for expense reports in Expense management, you can use the workflow system. By using the expense management workflows, you will reduce the time that it takes from submission of an expense to when it is approved.

The workflow interface allows you to automate specific criteria for approval. For instance, if an expense report did not have an attached receipt, it could be declined automatically. Having workflows enabled saves time and effort for the people who are responsible for approving expenses.

To determine who approves expense reports, you can set up a workflow that uses the following criteria:

  • The hierarchy of employee reporting and predefined limits of approval
  • Multi-level approval that supports interim and final approvers
  • Financial dimensions and liability for projects

Workflow approvals can be created for expense reports, travel requisitions, cash advances, and VAT recovery.

Screenshot of Expense management workflows page.

Screenshot of the detail view of an active workflow.

Watch the following video to see a real-world example of how expense management workflows can help process expenses.

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