Solution performance workshop topics


The Solution performance workshop can be conducted in person because it’s typically a single workshop that covers all required topics. Additionally, you can conduct the workshop remotely. If done remotely, the workshop can be divided into several sessions over several days.

The following sections highlight the topics that the Solution performance workshop covers, including a sampling of the types of questions that are covered in each.

Project plan

The project plan section covers the overall planning that is in place for activities to address performance. This topic focuses on answering questions, such as:

  • What is the plan, and how often will the project implement performance testing?
  • What is the plan for performance testing during different stages of the project life cycle?
  • Are experienced resources available and tasked to support the performance test implementation?

Solution design - Volumes

Volumes will cover the impact of transaction volumes and integration on the solution. Within this topic, you will collect information in the following areas:

  • The expected volume of transactions for various types of business processes.
  • Types of integrations and methods that are used to pass data.
  • Licensing and service protection limits that have been considered.

Solution design - Geographic location strategy

Geo location strategy focuses on the environmental factors of a solution and its performance. The location of workloads and users can have an impact on the solution performance. This topic focuses on answering questions, such as:

  • In which geo location(s) will the solution be hosted?
  • Are you transferring data across geo locations?
  • Where are the users located?

Solution design - Key business scenarios

Because solutions tend to cover a wide spectrum of business functions, the intent of this section is to focus on the key business scenarios that show where performance will have the most impact on users. Within the scope of key business scenarios, this section will cover planned configuration/customizations.

This topic explores the techniques and tools that the project team uses that might impact performance, including:

  • Identifying methods and techniques that might impact performance output.
  • Ensuring that developers are following best practices for configuration/customization.
  • Ensuring that the project team uses the available tools to check for performance and use of best practices.

Performance testing

Performance testing becomes a key component in collecting actionable insights into identifying problematic areas and addressing them. Planning and implementing performance testing are critical activities in ensuring that solution performance is optimal.

This topic focuses on answering questions, such as:

  • Are clear performance goals and objectives defined?
  • What are the KPI and non-functional requirements?
  • What is the performance testing strategy as part of the overall testing strategy?
  • What tools will be used for testing?
  • What environment(s) and data will be used for testing?

Risks, Q&A, and next steps

In this section, a summary of the identified risks, outstanding questions, and next steps will be captured. The information in this section will lead to tasks that will be completed by the project team to address outstanding topics.