Update from finance and operations version 8.x to version 10.0.x


This version update includes recompiling without hotfixes, merging and applying a deployable package, and then validating and signing off. It does not include data upgrade. The high-level process to update from version 8.0 to 10.0.X includes the following tasks:

  1. Deploy 10.0.X developer and build environments.
  2. Branch in version control and remove any application hotfixes.
  3. Recompile custom extensions and/or ISV solutions.
  4. Produce a single software deployable package.
  5. Merge a deployable package with the 10.0.X binary update package.
  6. Deploy to target environments for validation.
  7. Deploy to production.

To learn more about upgrades and updates, review the Process for moving to the latest update of finance and operations documentation.