Adjust inventory with the Warehouse Item Journal


You can use the Warehouse Item Journal to adjust an item on a specific bin in a specific zone.

Example of the Warehouse Item Journal page.

Unlike an item journal line, a warehouse item journal line has no line type, meaning that you need to enter a positive quantity to make a positive adjustment and a negative quantity for a negative adjustment.

When you register the Warehouse Item Journal, the item is moved from its original bin and placed in the Adjustment bin.

Warehouse entries after registering the Warehouse Item Journal.

The program has created two entries. The first entry is the negative adjustment, removing the item from the original bin. The second entry is the positive adjustment, placing the item in the Adjustment bin. The Adjustment bin is a virtual bin that is defined on the Bins tab of the location card.

As a result, the item isn't yet removed from inventory. To remove the item from inventory, you need to calculate the warehouse adjustments from the item journal and post the journal lines to make corresponding adjustments to the inventory.

Watch the following video to see a demonstration of how to use the Warehouse Item Journal.