What is programming?


Programming (also known as coding) is the process of writing instructions to a device, such as a computer or mobile device.

We write these instructions by using a programming language, which is then interpreted by the device. These sets of instructions may be referred to by various names. A few popular names are program, computer program, application (app), and executable.

A program

A program can be anything that is written with code. A few examples of programs that run on different devices are:

  • Websites
  • Games
  • Phone apps

Although it's possible to create a program without writing code, the underlying logic is interpreted to the device and that logic was most likely written with code. A program that runs or executes code is carrying out instructions. The device that you're currently using to read this module is running a program that prints it to your screen.


Do a little research: Who is considered to have been the world's first computer programmer?

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A program can be created by using:


Low-level languages are a popular choice for:


Which one of these tools would most likely be in a web developer's environment?