A sizeable percentage of Woodgrove's Windows 10 devices were out of support or nearing the end of support. As a result, some devices that were used for critical business functions were not up to date. To resolve this, you were asked to present a plan to help your organization to stay current with the latest Windows updates from Microsoft.

Without a servicing process, your organization's environment could continue to lag behind, experience performance loss, and be at a greater risk of obtaining viruses and malware. Your servicing process helps your organization improve its productivity and keep its environment up to date with the latest security features.

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Check your knowledge


How would you classify applications that cause the business to stop functioning if they fail?


Which role is typically responsible for assigning user acceptance testers to critical applications?


What update tool allows you to let Microsoft apply updates for you, while giving the administrator the ability to defer installation?


What are the phases of the servicing framework?


Which roles should be involved when assigning an Application Owner?


Where can you find Microsoft’s recommended security baselines?