Explore Azure Blob storage client library


The Azure Storage client libraries for .NET offer a convenient interface for making calls to Azure Storage. The latest version of the Azure Storage client library is version 12.x. Microsoft recommends using version 12.x for new applications.

The following table lists the basic classes, along with a brief description:

Class Description
BlobServiceClient Represents the storage account, and provides operations to retrieve and configure account properties, and to work with blob containers in the storage account.
BlobContainerClient Represents a specific blob container, and provides operations to work with the container and the blobs within.
BlobClient Represents a specific blob, and provides general operations to work with the blob, including operations to upload, download, delete, and create snapshots.
AppendBlobClient Represents an append blob, and provides operations specific to append blobs, such as appending log data.
BlockBlobClient Represents a block blob, and provides operations specific to block blobs, such as staging and then committing blocks of data.

The following packages contain the classes used to work with Blob Storage data resources: