Work with data management in finance and operations apps

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Solution Architect
Dynamics 365
Supply Chain Management

You can export or import data in finance and operations apps by using the Data management workspace. Validate the data by staging the source data, and then move it to the target tables in the finance and operations apps database.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Identify the correct pattern for a given scenario to use the Data management platform for integration by using data entities.
  • Work with the Data management workspace.
  • Export data from a legal entity.
  • Import data into a legal entity.
  • Work with data import and export jobs.
  • Clean up the staging tables.
  • Work with database movement operations.
  • Work with the data sharing framework.


  • General knowledge of Microsoft Windows
  • Basic understanding of finance and operations apps, including core concepts and basic application navigation skills
  • Basic understanding of adding entities, fields, and relationships to finance and operations apps