Dynamics 365 Commerce has a robust merchandising feature set that enables the strategic alignment of products to legal entities, channels, and markets and also allows for product discovery and categorization for customers and employees. Commerce facilitates the streamlining of product creation and maintenance through templates and groupings to reduce the amount of time spent on managing products.

Through dynamic search features in Commerce channels, products can be searched and compared by using any number of criteria. Products can be refined to specific Commerce channels to declutter a retail environment without fully removing the products from the system.

As the Commerce channels are created in the same system as the products, the user is working from a single, accurate source to create and publish the content without the need for multiple integration points or data-mapping errors.

By using technologies such as Microsoft Power BI, you can use Dynamics 365 analytics to measure the effectiveness of various product and marketing strategies for products in different Commerce channels.

The following example shows the end-to-end merchandising life cycle.

Diagram of the end-to-end merchandising lifecycle