Product categories


Category hierarchies can be used to manage products by logical grouping of products for various purposes.

For example, a single hierarchy structure might be used to view and maintain products across the entire company. Conversely, you might have a second requirement to view items that are structured in a hierarchy by manufacturer or how it's viewed on an e-Commerce site.

The Commerce product hierarchy page can be found under Retail and Commerce > Products and categories.

Screenshot of the Commerce product hierarchy page

When products are created and have been assigned to one or more categories, they can be maintained and viewed by those categories though the Products and Released products by category pages. These pages will allow the products to be viewed by multiple types of product hierarchies, which will help optimize and streamline the ways that different members of the organization need to manage their products.

The page shown in the following figure can be found under Retail and Commerce > Products and categories > Released products by category.

Screenshot of the Product categories button