In this module, you learned the basics of a Query object. Additionally, you learned how to create a new Query object with the tquery snippet. You can specify the QueryType property, where you can select API or the default Normal value. A query of type API can be published as a web service that can be used in Power BI reports or other Microsoft Power Platform applications.

The data of a query can also be exported to an XML or CSV file. You can use the SaveAsXml or SaveAsCsv functions. These functions can write the data to an OutStream data type.

This module explained that a query supports joining different tables with the SqlJoinType property. You also learned that different filter functions and aggregation functions exist.

When you access a query in AL code, you need to use the Open function to open access to the query and use the Read function to retrieve the data in the query. Iterating through the query dataset is done with a While..Do statement, whereas iterating through a recordset is done with a Repeat..Until statement.