Choice columns


A choice is a type of column that defines a set of options. When a choice is displayed in a form, it uses a drop-down list control. Choice columns are also known as picklists and option sets.

Choices are key/value pairs contain items with an integer value and a label. The integer value is stored in the column in the row and the label is stored in metadata. Labels in choices are supported for localization and you can specify the labels for the different languages enabled in the environment.

Local vs global choice

When creating a choice column, you can specify Sync with global choice. This has two options, Global or Local.

Screenshot of global choice column creation.


A local choice only exists for the table column. Selecting No for Sync with global choice displays the list of choices that you can add to or edit within the table column.

Screenshot of local choice column creation.

Local choices can only be used by the table and column that they're created against and can't be reused on other tables. This approach is only recommended for advanced users that have a specific need for a local choice.


A global choice is a separate component and can be reused for multiple columns on multiple tables. The list of choices is shared for the table columns that reference the global choice.

Selecting Yes for Sync with global choice displays the list of global choice components that you can select to use under Sync this choice with.

Screenshot of the global choice column creation.

You can also create a new global choice component by selecting + New choice and creating the choice options.

Screenshot of new global choice column creation.

You can also create and edit global choices in a solution outside of a table column.

Screenshot of choices in a solution.

Choice vs Choices

A choice column displays a list of options where only one option can be selected.

You can configure a choice column to allow selection of multiple options. This setting can't be changed after the column has been created.

Screenshot of allow selection of multiple options.