Architect network infrastructure in Azure

Solution Architect
Azure Virtual Network
Azure ExpressRoute
Azure VPN Gateway
Azure Application Gateway
Azure Traffic Manager

Learn how to architect a secure, flexible, network infrastructure in Azure and connect on-premises networks to your Azure resources.


  • Familiarity with network concepts, such as IP addressing and routing
  • Familiarity with network connectivity methods, such as VPN

Modules in this learning path

VPN Gateway in Azure provides secure connectivity between your on-premises networks and clients.

Connect your on-premises systems and users to Azure and Office 365 by using ExpressRoute for private, dedicated, and guaranteed throughput connectivity.

Network security groups and service endpoints help you secure your virtual machines and Azure services from unauthorized network access.

Use virtual network peering to enable communication across virtual networks in a way that's secure and minimally complex.

Azure Traffic Manager provides DNS load balancing to your application, so you improve your ability to distribute your application around the world. Use Traffic Manager to improve the performance and availability of your application.

Discuss the different load balancers in Azure and how to choose the right Azure load balancer solution to meet your requirements.

Improve application resilience by distributing load across multiple servers and use path-based routing to direct web traffic.

Learn how to control Azure virtual network traffic by implementing custom routes.

A good Azure IP addressing schema provides flexibility, room for growth, and integration with on-premises networks. The schema ensures that communication works for deployed resources, minimizes public exposure of systems, and gives the organization flexibility in its network. If not properly designed, systems might not be able to communicate, and additional work will be required to remediate.

You have a traditional on-premises infrastructure that you need to connect to resources in Azure. In this module, you learn how to select a connectivity method for your use cases that balances functionality, cost, and security.

Design a network architecture in Azure that allows for growth and flexibility, secure isolation of critical resources, low administrative overhead, and communication with on-premises network resources.

Use Azure Network Watcher tools, diagnostics, and logs to help find and fix networking issues in your Azure infrastructure.