Azure Fundamentals: Describe Azure architecture and services

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The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals training is composed of three learning paths: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Describe cloud concepts, Describe Azure architecture and services, and Describe Azure management and governance. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Azure architecture and services is the second learning path in the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals course. This learning path explores Microsoft Azure, its architecture, and some of the most commonly used services and resources.


  • Basic familiarity with IT terms and concepts

Modules in this learning path

This module explains the basic infrastructure components of Microsoft Azure. You'll learn about the physical infrastructure, how resources are managed, and have a chance to create an Azure resource.

This module focuses on some of the computer services and networking services available within Azure.

This module introduces you to storage in Azure, including things such as different types of storage and how a distributed infrastructure can make your data more resilient.

This module covers some of the authorization and authentication methods available with Azure.