Build data analytics solutions using Azure Synapse serverless SQL pools

Data Analyst
Data Engineer
Synapse Analytics

If you have large volumes of data stored as files in a data lake, you'll need a convenient way to explore and analyze the data they contain. Azure Synapse Analytics enables you to apply the SQL skills you use in a relational database to files in a data lake.


Consider completing the Explore data analytics in Azure and Get started querying with Transact-SQL learning paths before starting this learning path. You will need knowledge of:

  • Analytical data workloads in Microsoft Azure
  • Querying data with Transact-SQL

Modules in this learning path

With Azure Synapse serverless SQL pool, you can leverage your SQL skills to explore and analyze data in files, without the need to load the data into a relational database.

Why choose between working with files in a data lake or a relational database schema? With lake databases in Azure Synapse Analytics, you can combine the benefits of both.

By using a serverless SQL pool in Azure Synapse Analytics, you can use the ubiquitous SQL language to transform data in files in a data lake.

Learn how to serve and make use of the data that is queried or transformed by Azure Synapse serverless SQL pool.

Learn how you can set up security when using Azure Synapse serverless SQL pools