Configure your organization in finance and operations apps

Business User
Functional Consultant
Dynamics 365

As a functional consultant who works with finance and operations apps, you must understand how to set up an organization for your customer. This learning path shows you, amongst other tasks, how to set up legal entities, implement security settings, personalize the user interface for users, design, and build mobile apps, implement common integrations, and work with feature management to enable new features.


  • Good knowledge of finance and operations apps
  • The ability to use finance and operations apps for basic processing
  • General knowledge of basic mobile device features and navigation
  • Good understanding of customer requirements

Modules in this learning path

The global address book is a centralized repository for master data that must be stored for all internal and external persons and organizations that a company interacts with. When an address changes, the update only needs to be made in one place. All the other associated records are updated automatically.

If you understand the security architecture of finance and operations apps, you can customize it to fit the requirements of your business. finance and operations apps, helps keep your sensitive data safe, and users focused on their roles.

By using batch jobs, you can avoid slowing down your computer or the server during typical working hours. You can run many tasks in finance and operations apps as part of batch jobs. For example, batch jobs can include tasks for printing reports, performing maintenance, or sending electronic documents.

Some organizations require that specific processes are approved by a user other than the person who enters the record. These workflow processes might require manual approval, workflow approval, or no approval.

You use mobile apps almost every day for your social engagements, online banking, and for booking hotels, flights, rental cars, and more. With Microsoft Power Platform and finance and operations apps, you can build and deploy mobile experiences that connect with your data and allow users to use their mobile devices to accomplish tasks like entering expenses.

By personalizing the user interface in finance and operations apps, you can empower employees of an organization to work more efficiently. Personalization helps department managers to enforce a specific user interface for their staff without a need for customization.

Microsoft Excel is integrated with finance and operations apps. This allows you to pull the data right from finance and operations apps, manipulate the data in Excel, and save it back to finance and operations apps. You also learn how to set up email processing parameters, and integrate with and Microsoft Dataverse.

Features are added and updated in every release. The Feature management experience provides a workspace where you can view a list of features that have been delivered in each release. Then, you can use the workspace to view feature documentation and to enable or disable features.