Large-Scale Data Processing with Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

Data Engineer
Azure Portal
Virtual Machines

In this learning path, you will see how Azure Data Lake Storage can make processing Big Data analytical solutions more efficient and how easy it is to set up. You will also explore how it fits into common architectures, as well as the different methods of uploading the data to the data store. You will finally examine the myriad of security features that will ensure your data is secure.



Modules in this learning path

Data lakes are a core element of data analytics architectures. Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 provides a scalable, secure, cloud-based solution for data lake storage.

Learn various ways to upload data to Data Lake Storage Gen 2. Upload data through the Azure portal, Azure Storage Explorer, or .NET. Or copy the data in Azure Data Factory.

Learn how Azure Storage provides multilayered security to protect your data. Find out how to use access keys, to secure networks, and to use Advanced Threat Protection to proactively monitor your system.