Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals: Describe the capabilities of Microsoft compliance solutions

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Learn about compliance solutions in Microsoft. Topics covered will include Compliance center, Information protection and governance in Microsoft 365, Insider Risk, audit, and eDiscovery solutions. Also covered are Azure resources governance capabilities.

Here are all the learning paths in preparation for the SC-900 exam: Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals.

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Part 4: Describe the capabilities of Microsoft compliance solutions

If you are new to the security area, we recommend:


  • General understanding of networking and cloud computing concepts.
  • General IT knowledge or any general experience working in an IT environment.
  • General understanding of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365.

Modules in this learning path

Microsoft runs on trust! Here you’ll explore the Service Trust Portal for content on how Microsoft delivers on our commitment of trust. You’ll also learn about Microsoft Priva, a solution to help meet privacy goals.

Explore the Microsoft Purview compliance portal, the portal for organizations to manage their compliance needs. Learn about the Compliance Manager and compliance score, which can help organizations manage, simplify, and improve compliance across their organization.

Information protection and data lifecycle management in Microsoft Purview helps organizations classify, protect, and retain their data where it lives and wherever it goes. Learn about data classification capabilities, data loss prevention, and records management.

Insider risks are a top concern for organizations. These risks can be challenging to identify and mitigate. Learn how Microsoft Purview enables organizations to identify, analyze, and remediate internal risks before they cause harm.

Organizations may need to identify, collect, and/or audit information for legal, regulatory, or business reasons. Learn how the eDiscovery and audit capabilities of Microsoft Purview help organizations find relevant data quickly.

Azure governance capabilities provide mechanisms and processes for organizations to maintain control over their applications and resources. Learn how Azure policy, Blueprints, and Microsoft Purview help organizations govern their resources and applications.