Introduction to developing with finance and operations apps

Dynamics 365

As a developer working with finance and operations apps, it's important to have a firm grasp of the main architecture components of the Dynamics 365 ecosystem and finance and operations apps. Knowledge of core developer concepts, including technical capabilities, source code, testing frameworks, and reporting tools, will support your further efforts in building development skills that you can apply to finance and operations apps.


  • Basic knowledge of finance and operations apps.
  • Basic knowledge of Lifecycle Services.
  • Basic understanding of Visual Studio.
  • Familiarity with object-oriented development.

Modules in this learning path

Dynamics 365 offers a large range of cloud-driven applications that help organizations optimize their business so they can reach their full potential. This module explores the Dynamics 365 ecosystem and how the apps work together to help your organization reach its fullest potential. Additionally, this module describes the major components of finance and operations apps that are important for you to know before you begin developing.

To begin developing for finance and operations, you must understand the core concepts of development, including packages, models, and elements. Additionally, as a developer, you will need to understand metadata management and source control tools and processes by using Azure DevOps. Last, this module will also discuss the purpose of Lifecycle Services, deployable packages and their importance throughout development, and implementation of finance and operations apps.

Identifying design and deployment processes that conform to organizational policies will help you in developing for finance and operations apps, and ensure that code is deployed to the correct environments to avoid issues in production.

Lifecycle Services helps you host finance and operations apps environments. It provides repeatable processes to support consistent success with each delivery. Lifecycle Services is available to customers and partners as part of their support plans.

Learn how to use performance tools and Lifecycle Services environment monitoring tools to enhance your validation and testing experience in finance and operations apps.

When you're collaborating with other developers, it's important to manage your source code by using version control. For finance and operations apps, source code is managed by using Azure DevOps within Visual Studio.

In finance and operations apps, the test framework helps to alleviate risks and provides a system to manage a clean record of testing.

A report is a structured presentation of data. Reporting presents data in a way that lets you make informed decisions by using data visualizations, dashboards, financial reporting, and structured documents. finance and operations apps provide several reporting tools that you can use to meet different reporting needs. This module will help you become familiar with the various reporting options that are available with finance and operations apps.