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Every business uses technology in some capacity. There are apps to track the relationships, engagement, and delivery of products or services to an organization’s customers. These are loosely referred to as business applications or business management software. These apps are used by people touching the sales, marketing, customer service, finance, and supply chain within an organization.

Organizations need qualified professionals to use, maintain, configure, customize, and build these apps.

Microsoft has a collection of Business Applications available for organizations of all sizes. These apps can work out-of-the-box, and many of the apps allow customizations to meet all customers’ needs. Some customizations are simple, while others require deep technical knowledge. Most are somewhere in between.

The person who can be the bridge between a company and the technology is, and will continue to be, in high demand. Learn more here about the skills needed to do become a Business Applications professional.


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No prior knowledge or certification is required. However. it's beneficial to understand why businesses need software solutions and to be familiar with the training in any of the following learning paths:

Modules in this learning path

A Business Applications professional is someone who can identify problems, organize problems, identify solutions, and implement solutions. Usually, this individual is referred to as a functional consultant, a business analyst, or an app maker. Certain idiosyncrasies are involved in defining each job, and the definition often depends on each individual organization and project team.

Dynamics 365 business applications allow organizations to digitally transform their organization. The applications remove the complexity of separate customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource management (ERP) systems by creating modern, modular business applications that work together on a single platform. The applications give organizations the flexibility to adopt technology when they need it to help improve business outcomes.

Implementing Dynamics 365 projects can be large and intricate, often involving the use of skills and knowledge from many individuals. Each person brings a unique talent and expertise, sharing in the effort of working together and coordinating tasks. Every project is different and will have its own collection of people on the project team.

Adopting and applying an implementation methodology to a Dynamics 365 project is important for guiding the project to a successful deployment. This module explores the advantages that an implementation methodology provides and the common types that are used for Dynamics 365 projects.

Dynamics 365 business applications allow organizations to digitally transform their organization. Each Dynamics 365 app has different capabilities and deployment options. In this module, you’ll explore the high-level capabilities of several of these apps and learn how they fit in with a greater Microsoft solution.