MS-203 Manage message security in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365
Office 365
Exchange Server
Microsoft Exchange Online

Explores Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) features and functionality, including the use of anti-malware and anti-spam policies, and Microsoft Defender XDR features that extend messaging protection against advanced threats.


This module is designed for persons who are aspiring to the Microsoft 365 Messaging Administrator role. The prerequisites for this module include:

  • Ability to navigate the Microsoft 365 admin center, the Exchange admin center, and the Microsoft Defender portal
  • Ability to create Domain Name System (DNS) records at an intermediate level
  • Familiarity with Active Directory concepts such as centralized domain management, sites, and directory-based identity-related services
  • Ability to write PowerShell commands at an intermediate level

Modules in this learning path

Examines Exchange Online Protection features and functionality, how to plan messaging routing for this service, and the EOP reports and logs that are available to analyze message hygiene in an organization.

Reviews the anti-malware and anti-spam protection provided by Exchange Server and Exchange Online Protection, and examines how to configure spam and malware filters, policies, and settings to provide protection from phishing and spoofing.

Examines how Microsoft Defender for Office 365 integrates with EOP to extend the protection provided by EOP and provide the most efficient level of protection against commodity and advanced targeted attacks.