Create copilots with Microsoft Copilot Studio - Online Workshop

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In this learning path you'll complete hands on activities using Microsoft Power Platform, specifically Microsoft Copilot Studio and Power Automate.

This module is designed for use with the Microsoft Copilot Studio in a Day instructor-led course. For more information on attending this free, instructor-led course, see Microsoft Power Platform instructor-led training. On that page, you can Register for an event.


  • You'll need an environment with a licensed user to complete these exercises.

Modules in this learning path

In this module, you begin building your Microsoft Power Platform solution, starting with a basic copilot.

Learn how to create your first copilot in Microsoft Copilot Studio.

Learn the fundamentals of message and question nodes, become familiar with the system topics, and learn how to use variables.

Microsoft Copilot Studio connects with Power Automate, and it can pass the variables from user's responses and retrieve data from several different data sources, perform complex operations on that data, and then return to Microsoft Copilot Studio to share that data with the user. The ability to operate on and retrieve data from almost any data source that’s accessible through an API is one of the most valuable benefits of Microsoft Copilot Studio.