Share and collaborate with Power Automate

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Collaborate effectively within Power Automate by using the comment feature, sharing flows, and buttons. This learning path will detail best practices when collaborating with others within Power Automate.


  • Basic familiarity with Power Automate.

Modules in this learning path

When you create a new Power Automate cloud flow, you’re the only one who can view, edit, and run it. By sharing a cloud flow, you can allow other users within your organization to run or help edit your automation. In this module, you learn how and when to share cloud flows and which types to use.

Explore how you can use solutions to transport your cloud flows from one environment to another.

Learn how to collaborate with other users on cloud flows by using collaborative comments. Additionally, you'll learn how copresence helps you collaborate in real time and how you can handle conflicts.

Power Automate Buttons are the way flow can be executed on demand and represent one of two ways that Power Automates can be constructed. Most people starting with Power Automate work with event driven flows. This module will get people acquainted with the connection, monitoring and security capabilities of a Power Automate Button. It sets up the learning process for the other modules.