Use Lifecycle Services to design and plan an implementation of finance and operations apps

Functional Consultant
Solution Architect
Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services is a collaborative workspace that customers and their partners use to manage finance and operations apps projects from pre-sales to the implementation phase and finally to the production environment. It provides checklists and tools that help you manage the project, including pre-build methodologies to help with implementation and regularly updated services.


  • The ability to use finance and operations apps for basic processing.

Modules in this learning path

To install and maintain finance and operations apps in the Microsoft Azure cloud or on-premises, you must use Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services to manage the process. Let's get started by looking at the overall functionality and tools.

With proper planning, your finance and operations apps implementation will be a success. After a customer signs the agreements to purchase licenses for finance and operations apps, your job as a functional consultant starts by managing the application lifecycle and moving toward predictable, repeatable, high-quality implementation.

Translate your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions and documentation, or add language support for existing Dynamics 365 products by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Translation Service through Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services.