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This changelog contains customer-facing changes. For updates to our API surfaces, see Developer Updates.

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November 2022

Component Date Change
Azure Portal 11/18/2022 ⭐ The Usage and Reports page has been upgraded.
View a summary of your tenant's usage and resource counts, and track printing trends using a variety of new visualizations. Learn more.
Core Service 11/14/2022 ⭐ Delegated Administration is available in preview.
Configuring a policy by using Azure Administrative Units allows delegation of printer management so admins can be granted rights to manage a subset of printers.

July 2021

Component Date Change
Azure Portal 7/2/2021 🐛 The Scaling property when configuring printer settings now allows selecting Auto fit.
Azure Portal 7/2/2021 🐛 Fixed an issue that caused printer status to display Warning when the printer is in an idle state.
Azure Portal 7/2/2021 🐛 Fixed an issue that caused printer status to not display for some printers.

April 2021

Component Date Change
Azure Portal 5/12/2021 🐛 When swapping a printer, the printer list can now be filtered by name
Azure Portal 4/27/2021 🔨 Improved performance of the Printers page
Azure Portal 4/22/2021 🐛 Fixed an issue that prevented sorting printers by name
Core Service 4/22/2021 🐛 Users in Guernsey can now access Universal Print

March 2021

Component Date Change
Core Service 3/31/2021 ⭐ Added support for the Printer Technician role
Users with the Printer Technician role can now access the Azure Portal! We're continuing to make improvements to the experience for users with the Printer Technician role.
Azure Portal 3/31/2021 ⭐ Added warning when document conversion is disabled
When the document conversion feature is disabled, a warning in Azure Portal will let administrators know that this could cause print jobs to fail on some printers.
Azure Portal 3/31/2021 🔨 Performance improvements across the board (and more are on the way!)
Core Service 3/2/2021 ⭐ Universal Print is now generally available!
Learn more by reading the documentation.
Core Service 3/2/2021 🔨 All the shared printers you can dream of.
There is no longer a limit!
Azure Portal 3/2/2021 🐛 Selecting invalid filter criteria no longer crashes the page
Azure Portal 3/2/2021 🐛 Fixed a bug related to clearing printer location fields
Windows will no longer show "///" for location fields that are cleared by administrators using Azure Portal.

February 2021

Component Date Change
Azure Portal 2/7/2021 ⭐ Printers can now be sorted by Status
Try it out!
Azure Portal 2/7/2021 🔨 A specific input paper tray can now be selected for printers
Configure the Input Bin setting on the Printer > Printer properties > Printer Defaults page.

January 2021

Component Date Change
Azure Portal 1/18/2021 🐛 Clicking "Cancel" while sharing a printer behaves correctly
Fixed an issue that caused the printer to be shared anyway when clicking cancel.
Azure Portal 1/8/2021 🔨 Added icons to the print job "Status" field
This makes it easier to find print jobs that are in particular states.
Azure Portal 1/8/2021 🔨 Added icons to the print job "Status" field to help more easily find jobs by status

December 2020

Component Date Change
Azure Portal 12/19/2020 🐛 Searching for a printer when swapping printers now works as expected
Azure Portal 12/19/2020 🐛 Removed an endless progress bar from the "Create printer share" flyout
Azure Portal 12/12/2020 ⭐ Added the Diagnose and solve problems page to help troubleshoot common issues.
A screenshot of the Admin Portal showing a new Diagnose and solve problems page.
Azure Portal 12/12/2020 🐛 Fixed bugs preventing Azure Portal from properly displaying some printers with invalid attributes.

November 2020

Component Date Change
Azure Portal 11/30/2020 🔨 Made several improvements to the accessibility of Azure Portal, including fixing narrator issues.
Azure Portal 11/23/2020 🔨 Confirmation notifications will now display when adding and deleting members from printer shares.
Azure Portal 11/9/2020 ⭐ Find printers and printer shares more quickly by searching in Azure Portal!
Search by attributes (e.g., "Only show me printers that are shared") or by text. Check out the Printers page to see all the new filter options.
A screenshot of the Admin Portal showing new filter controls on the Printer List page.

October 2020

Component Date Change
Azure Portal 10/28/2020 🔨 The list of printer shares will load much faster now.

September 2020

Component Date Change
Azure Portal 9/17/2020 ⭐ Wondering which connector registered a printer?
The Printer Details page now has a Printer connectors list:
A screenshot of the Admin Portal showing a new "Printer connectors" list on the Printer Details page.
Core Service 9/17/2020 🐛 Improved support for printer capabilities when using Epson printers
Core Service 9/17/2020 🐛 Fixed an issue that caused printers registered via a connector to become unusable
Azure Portal 9/10/2020 ⭐ Share multiple printers at once
On the Printers page, select multiple printers and click Share.
Azure Portal 9/10/2020 ⭐ Access common functionality by using the new Overview page
A screenshot of the Admin Portal showing the new Overview page.
Azure Portal 9/10/2020 🐛 The Discard button on the Printer Share Properties page now works consistently
Azure Portal 9/10/2020 🐛 The search box in the Add Printer Share flyout now searches while you type instead of requiring you to press Enter

August 2020


⭐ Increased the maximum number of shared printers from 100 to 2,500!

Component Date Change
Azure Portal 8/27/2020 ⭐ Added a new printer setting
The new Allow access to everyone in my organization toggle makes it easy to share a printer with all users in an organization. When enabled, all users can access the printer without needing to individually grant access to user(s) or group(s)
A screenshot of the Admin Portal showing the new "Allow access to everyone in my organization" control when managing printer permissions.
Azure Portal 8/27/2020 ⭐ Access control settings have been moved!
Manage printer access by using the new Printer Shares section of the Admin Portal
Azure Portal 8/27/2020 ⭐ View, create, and delete printer shares all in one place!
Check out the new Printer Shares section in the Admin Portal!
  • Now you can share a printer and assign access all in one step. Click "Add," select a printer, assign access, and click "Share Printer".
  • The Swap Printer button is moving: find it under Printer Share settings instead of Printer Settings.
Azure Portal 8/27/2020 ⭐ When setting printer locations, the Subdivision, Organization, and Subunit fields have better tooltips that describe how to configure multiple values for those hierarchical fields.
Azure Portal 8/27/2020 🐛 Decimal values are now allowed when setting a printer's Altitude via the Admin Portal
Azure Portal 8/27/2020 🐛 Room Number can now be left blank when setting a printer's location
Azure Portal 8/27/2020 🐛 Less mistakes! The Save button is now reliably disabled when invalid settings have been entered.
Azure Portal 8/7/2020 ⭐ When accessing the Admin Portal without a subscription, the displayed error message contains more actionable information.
Azure Portal 8/7/2020 ⭐ Print jobs can now be searched by id, status, created by user, and date created in the Admin Portal.
A screenshot of the Admin Portal showing the new search box on the Printers page.
Azure Portal 8/7/2020 🐛 Fixed an issue that prevented some print options from being displayed in some cases.
Core Service 8/7/2020 ⭐ Universal Print is now available to all Microsoft 365 E5 and A5 customers!
Core Service 8/7/2020 🔨 Introduced a temporary restriction that limits the number of shared printers to 100.
Core Service 8/7/2020 🐛 Fixed an issue where print jobs with staple and hole punch finishing options couldn't be printed to some printers.

July 2020

Component Date Change
Azure Portal 7/23/2020 ⭐ Universal Print now appears in the "All Services" section of Azure Portal.
Type Universal Print in the search bar, or favorite under All Services!
A screenshot of the Azure Portal showing Universal Print under "All Services".
Azure Portal 7/23/2020 ⭐ A message is now displayed when an account without a Universal Print subscription is used to access Universal Print.
A screenshot of the Admin Portal showing a banner that appears when the user does not have a Universal Print license.
Azure Portal 7/23/2020 ⭐ To prevent accidental printer deletions, a confirmation prompt is now presented when unregistering a printer from the printer list.
A screenshot of the Admin Portal showing showing a prompt that appears when unregistering a shared printer.
Azure Portal 7/23/2020 🐛 The document conversion settings page no longer presents a false "You have unsaved changes" prompt.
Azure Portal 7/16/2020 ⭐ 12x faster!
We've made massive improvements that will load your printer list over 12 times faster.
Core Service 7/16/2020 ⭐ Universal Print is available in more regions!
Universal Print is now available in the Brazil South and Japan East datacenters.
Core Service 7/16/2020 🐛 Fixed an issue where printing would stop working after completing a high volume of jobs
Azure Portal 7/10/2020 ⭐ New icons!
We added some shiny new icons throughout the Admin Portal and improved some dialog messages.
The Universal Print icon The Universal Print connector Icon
Azure Portal 7/6/2020 🐛 Universal Print can now show custom media type capabilities and defaults sent by printers
Azure Portal 7/6/2020 🐛 Fixed an issue where deleting some printer location values resulted in the fields being set to "0" instead of being deleted

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