UIElement.CancelDirectManipulations Method


Cancels ongoing direct manipulation processing (system-defined panning/zooming) on any ScrollViewer parent that contains the current UIElement.

 virtual bool CancelDirectManipulations() = CancelDirectManipulations;
bool CancelDirectManipulations();
public bool CancelDirectManipulations();
function cancelDirectManipulations()
Public Function CancelDirectManipulations () As Boolean




true if a ScrollViewer parent exists and setting the value resulted in canceling the panning/zooming action. false if calling the method results in no action.


You might call this method if you want the target UIElement to be able to process ongoing manipulations through the lower-level pointer events (PointerPressed, PointerMoved and so on). By default, if the target UIElement is contained in a ScrollViewer, that ScrollViewer parent would handle translation manipulations directly at the system level, treating them as pan or zoom. Manipulation handling by the ScrollViewer parent prevents the contained UIElement from receiving the pointer events (they would be marked as handled). Call CancelDirectManipulations to override this default behavior for an ongoing manipulation, and then you'll be able to handle manipulations at a non-system level for the individual UIElement target.

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