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UIElement.ReleasePointerCaptures Method


Releases all pointer captures held by this element.

 virtual void ReleasePointerCaptures() = ReleasePointerCaptures;
void ReleasePointerCaptures();
public void ReleasePointerCaptures();
function releasePointerCaptures()
Public Sub ReleasePointerCaptures ()


Because there are input scenarios such as manipulations that involve more than one pointer point, the Windows Runtime enables capturing more than one pointer at a time. Calling ReleasePointerCapture removes a specific Pointer from the collection as identified by its ID, whereas ReleasePointerCaptures clears the entire collection.

User action that invalidates pointer capture such as releasing from a pointer point also changes capture state. For more info, see Mouse interactions and Handle pointer input.

The PointerCaptures property exposes a view of which pointer points are currently captured by the UIElement.

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