binding (Toast XML Schema)

Specifies the toast template. Note that only one binding element can be included in a toast notification.

Element hierarchy



<binding template       = "ToastGeneric"
         fallback?      = string
         lang?          = string
         addImageQuery? = boolean
         baseUri?       = anyURI
         branding?      = string >

  <!-- Child elements -->
  ( image
  | text
  | group
  | progress



?   optional (zero or one) *   optional (zero or more)

Attributes and Elements


Attribute Description Data type Required Default value

Set to "true" to allow Windows to append a query string to the image URI supplied in the toast notification. Use this attribute if your server hosts images and can handle query strings, either by retrieving an image variant based on the query strings or by ignoring the query string and returning the image as specified without the query string. This query string specifies scale, contrast setting, and language; for instance, a value of


given in the notification becomes


boolean No false

A default base URI that is combined with relative URIs in image source attributes.

anyURI No ms-appx:///

Not used.

This attribute can have one of the following values:

  • none
  • logo
  • name
No None

A template to use if the primary template cannot be found, for use with backward compatibility.

string No None

The target locale of the XML payload, specified as a BCP-47 language tags such as "en-US" or "fr-FR". The locale specified here overrides that in visual, but can be overriden by that in text. If this value is a literal string, this attribute defaults to the user's UI language. If this value is a string reference, this attribute defaults to the locale chosen by Windows Runtime in resolving the string.

string No None

This value must be set to "ToastGeneric"

string Yes None


Child Elements

Child Element Description

Specifies an image used in the toast template.


Specifies text used in the toast template.


Semantically identifies that the content in the group must either be displayed as a whole, or not displayed if it cannot fit. Groups also allow creating multiple columns.


Specifies text used in the toast template.


Parent Elements

Parent Element Description

Contains a single binding element that defines a toast.


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