Kubernetes on Windows


Curious to find out which Kubernetes features are supported on Windows today? Please see officially supported features and the Kubernetes on Windows roadmap for more details.

This page serves as an overview for getting started with Kubernetes on Windows.

Try out Kubernetes on Windows

See deploying Kubernetes on Windows for instructions on how to manually install Kubernetes on Windows in the environment of your choice.

Scheduling Windows containers

See scheduling Windows containers in Kubernetes for best practices and recommendations on scheduling Windows containers in Kubernetes.

Deploying Kubernetes on Windows in Azure

The Windows containers on Azure Kubernetes Service guide makes this easy. If you are looking to deploy and manage all the Kubernetes components yourself, see our step-by-step walkthrough using the open-source AKS-Engine tool.


Please see Troubleshooting Kubernetes for a suggested list of workarounds and solutions to known issues.


For additional self-help resources, there is also a Kubernetes networking troubleshooting guide for Windows available here.