Quickstart: Publish an ASP.NET web app

In this article, you'll learn how to publish your first ASP.NET web app to various locations including a local web server such as IIS and a remote cloud environment such as Azure App Service.

This article supports ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core.


You need Visual Studio installed with the ASP.NET and web development workload.

If you've already installed Visual Studio:

  • Install the latest updates in Visual Studio by selecting Help > Check for Updates.
  • Add the workload by selecting Tools > Get Tools and Features.

Get started

In Solution Explorer, right-click your project and choose Publish.

Screenshot showing the Publish option.

If you're publishing this web app for the first time, next you see the Publish wizard.

Screenshot showing the Publish wizard, showing the available publish targets.


Visual Studio filters the list of destinations depending on the type of web app.

Publish your web app to Azure

For detailed steps on publishing your web app, see Quickstart: Deploy an ASP.NET web app.