Options dialog box: Text Editor > JavaScript/TypeScript > Linting

Use the Linting page of the Options dialog box to set options for analyzing code in the Code Editor (note that you can override these options in some project types, like the standalone React project templates). To access this page, on the menu bar, choose Tools > Options, and then expand Text Editor > JavaScript/TypeScript > Linting.

ESLint Settings

These options let you enable static JavaScript and TypeSCript code analysis, and choose which files are analyzed. For more information about ESLint, see ESLint.org.

UIElement list

Option Description
Enable ESLint When this option is selected, the Code Editor allows for static analysis on the code.
Lint file extension files These options allow you to configure which file extensions should be linted. For example, if "Lint TypeScript files" is selected, then documents with a .ts file extension will be linted.

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