Get assistance from your subscriptions admin

If your Visual Studio subscription is provided to you by your work or school, chances are it was assigned to you by a subscriptions administrator, or "admin". Admins can assist with:

  • Assigning a subscription that meets your needs or removing one you no longer need
  • Changing the email address you use to sign in
  • Enabling access to software downloads
  • Other functions related to your subscription

Many organizations are large and complex, so you may not be aware of who your admin is. We provide a feature in the subscriber portal to assist you with contacting your admin(s).

How to contact your admin

  1. Sign in to the subscriber portal at
  2. Select the Contact my Admin button.

    Screenshot of the benefits page in the subscriber portal.  The Contact my admin button is highlighted.

  3. Enter the message for your admin.
  4. If you'd like to receive a copy of the message sent to your admin, choose the Send me a copy checkbox.
  5. Finally, select Send.


Super admins: To set the email address to which "Contact my Admin" requests are sent, specify that address in the Agreement Preferences.


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